Changing Lawyers

Do you need to change lawyers?

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen, and you need to change lawyers part way through your case.  Whatever the reason, changing lawyers in the middle of a personal injury compensation claim can feel overwhelming to a client, but it is easy to do.

Clients should expect good service, communication and professional legal advice and representation. If you are not getting the service you expect, it is okay to shop around with other law firms to find a new lawyer that is right for you; one that you feel you can trust for your case, one who listens to you and your needs, communicates with you and has a clear fee structure.

Every member of James Law hold strong to the same core values that shape our practice: integrity, exceptional advocacy and service; acting with dignity, purpose and fairness.

Contact your new lawyers

When you call James Law, you will be transferred straight through to one of our lawyers with the right expertise for your case.  An initial case assessment will be done there and then on the spot with you.

All our lawyers have experience in all areas of compensation and insurance law, including professional negligence, so we can make immediate decisions about how we can help you and can give you advice about all claim options on the spot: obligation free and confidential. Then you can decide if James Law is the right fit for you.  

Does it cost anything to change lawyers?

At James Law we offer a free initial consultation and appraisal of your claim, so it does not cost you anything at all to enquire with us about changing lawyers.   

Is the timing important?

If you are considering changing lawyers, then try to make the decision before any urgent deadlines, such as a limitations date or a court hearing date. If that’s not possible then start making your enquiries to change as quickly as possible. We are often approached by clients looking to change law firms who ask us to take over their personal injury claims.

Hiring a new law firm

If you hire James Law we will ask you to sign a client agreement. We will explain the agreement to you, including how and what we charge for the work we do. If we think your claim has good prospects of success, we will offer to represent you on a no win no fee basis (this includes all outlays). This means you do not have to pay unless or until you have a successful compensation payout from your case. Importantly for you, unlike most other law firms, James Law does not charge uplift fees (a 25% premium charge on professional fees) for our legal advice and representation.

What about the previous lawyer, their agreement, and legal fees?  

Changing lawyers is easy. In fact, once you have decided to hire James Law as your new lawyer, we negotiate with the previous lawyer for the transfer of your client file and lock in (with your approval) an agreement for the payment of their fees at the end of the claim and only if you are successful.   We then get on with the job of getting your claim back on track and progressing it to a resolution as quickly as we can.

If you would like to discuss your personal injury claim, please give us a call on 07 3890 2323 or email